Little egret

The little egret (Egretta garzetta) is a small white heron with attractive white plumes on crest, back and chest, black legs and bill and yellow feet.


The Little Egret is found mainly in coastal and inland areas of northern, eastern and south-eastern Australia. It is common on the north, uncommon in the south, and only a winter visitor to Tasmania. Little Egrets are also found widely in Africa, Europe, Asia and New Guinea.

little egret (1)

The Little Egret feeds on a wide variety of invertebrates, as well as fish and amphibians. The Little Egret hunts in shallow water by shuffling a foot to stir up aquatic prey, which it then takes in a lightning-fast movement. It also chases small fish with its wings raised.

The following pic shows a close up

little egret (1) - Copy


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Pigeon over the Well

In the age old Heritage site of Qutub Minar, In New Delhi, lies a well. Inside the well many pigeons have nested and they live there peacefully. They fly through the bars which are made so that no person can enter.


White Feather Red Eyes

The rock pigeon is the world’s oldest domesticated bird. Mesopotamiancuneiform tablets mention the domestication of pigeons more than 5,000 years ago, as do Egyptian hieroglyphics.-WikiPedia

Rock Pigeon

Pigeons have made contributions of considerable importance to humanity, especially in times of war. In war the homing ability of pigeons has been put to use by making them messengers.

He Looks on..

Many domestic birds have escaped or been released over the years, and have given rise to the feral pigeon. These show a variety of plumages, although some look very like the pure rock pigeons. The scarcity of the pure wild species is partly due to interbreeding with feral birds.-WikiPedia

For Your Eyes Only

 Many birds have double eyelids, one upper and the other lower unlike we humans. Some of them also have a transparent or translucent third eyelid called Nictitating Membrane which they use for cleaning their eyes and its protection.

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CB&W: The Wall left behind

Old Delhi- A medieval city which once had its glory and visual splendor, Once the Capitol of Mughal Empire and the residing place of The Great Emperor Shahjahan who later created  a Wonder of the world namely Taj Mahal. Shah Jahan made this city as a walled city with few meters tall wall seperating the capitol of Delhi from the rest of the Empire.

“It was once filled with mansions of nobles and members of the royal court, along with elegant mosques and gardens. Today, despite having become extremely crowded and dilapidated, it still serves as the symbolic heart of metropolitan Delhi.”-WikiPedia

When I shifted from my old home to my new home seven or eight years back I got very confused, because when I looked around some stores wrote this place as Delhi and others as New Delhi .

Delhi Wall
Old Wall surrounding Delhi

This wall is the reason for this confusion just 100 or 200 meters from my home.

Neglected behind a police station running parallel to parked cars, situated is the remains of a huge wall which once used to guard Delhi from the outer world. This wall is the remaining part of that kilometers long wall of “walled city” and this wall is behind this dilemma , because I live almost at the edge or the border of old and new Delhi ,i can write both ways, but I proudly write it as Delhi-02 because it’s my Delhi My pride, and its this historical importance and heritage that makes this city a better one.

This Post is my submission for the weekly Cee’s Black & White Challenge.

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An Amateur at disguise.

One of my favorite things to do is to walk around with Camera hung around my neck and just clicking random photos. This morning saw me rising early and going for morning walk in a nearby park and there i found a Kite, probably a Black Kite, i am not sure though, i was actually looking through view founder of my camera to capture a squirrel running on the branch of a tree and as i was panning camera towards right, i was amazed at the kite in my view sitting at the branch. It was quite difficult to see it by naked eyes. The kite’s feathers and its auburn shade helps it in hiding.

So there you have it and Amateur in Disguise



And As Always Dream ON!

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The Lion Tailed Macaque

The Lion Tailed Macaque also known as Wandaroo is a primate specie endemic to Western Ghats, India.

The lion tailed macaque in Delhi Zoo

Lion Tailed Macaque or Macaca silenus was among one of the most endangered Primates in late 20th Century when there count was depleted to a number less than a thousand. The Macaques were getting endangered because its forest was being turned into farmland for a bigger and sophisticated animals-us.

lion tailed macaque eating

It has a magnificent mane of hair around its face that makes it look like a lion. It gets its name from its tail, which has a tuft of fur at the end, just like a lion’s tail. Unfortunately, like the lion, it is also in danger of extinction. The males of Lion-tailed Macaque troops defend their territory with loud cries. In this respect, they are similar to lions.-(link for more)


“The lion-tailed macaque ranks among the rarest and most threatened primates. Their range has become increasingly isolated and fragmented by the spread of agriculture and tea, coffee, teak and cinchona, construction of water reservoirs for irrigation and power generation, and human settlements to support such activities. They do not live, feed or travel through plantations. Destruction of their habitat and their avoidance of human proximity have led to the drastic decrease of their population.”-Wikipedia

The Macaque’s Infamous tail which gave him its name.

After a huge effort the population of the Macaques is now a little better, but still with 4000 the number is not enough to get them out of the list of the endangered animals.

Macaque looks on..

The Human Folly and greed destroys other animal’s innocent homes and their lives, we need to think and take this effort as an example.

Macaque eating

I was fortunate enough to witness them in my walk around Delhi Zoo, check out for more posts coming in the next week.

As always Dream On!

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The WHITE Tiger

A White Tiger showcasing its stretching skills at National Zoological Park, New Delhi Today. As we passed the white tiger compound on our visit today we saw him resting and sitting at the far end of the compound. The tiger was being lazy so we moved on to the reptile ‘lounge’ as we were leaving the place we saw crowd swarming in at the white tiger compound.

The tiger was moving around and he turned towards us and walked to a tree and started running towards us. The Tiger then put on a show to cheering crowd, it stood on his hind legs, huge tiger equal to twice my height, the sight was something to behold and admire and as the audience cheered and roared, he kept on standing on his hind legs. Not to forget he was getting his neck rubbed against the tree trunk and was feeling quite good.


The Tiger showcasing its skills

I had a great trip to the Zoo of my city today and will be posting the pics of my trip for a few weeks, follow and keep tuned for much better and awesome stuff from me. That is a promise.

As always…

Dream ON!!

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Happy New Year


Happy new Year In Advance guys, look these thirsty birds are also wishing you a happy new year. Try to improve yourself this year.




And as always Dream On!

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