The Lion Tailed Macaque

The Lion Tailed Macaque also known as Wandaroo is a primate specie endemic to Western Ghats, India.

The lion tailed macaque in Delhi Zoo

Lion Tailed Macaque or Macaca silenus was among one of the most endangered Primates in late 20th Century when there count was depleted to a number less than a thousand. The Macaques were getting endangered because its forest was being turned into farmland for a bigger and sophisticated animals-us.

lion tailed macaque eating

It has a magnificent mane of hair around its face that makes it look like a lion. It gets its name from its tail, which has a tuft of fur at the end, just like a lion’s tail. Unfortunately, like the lion, it is also in danger of extinction. The males of Lion-tailed Macaque troops defend their territory with loud cries. In this respect, they are similar to lions.-(link for more)


“The lion-tailed macaque ranks among the rarest and most threatened primates. Their range has become increasingly isolated and fragmented by the spread of agriculture and tea, coffee, teak and cinchona, construction of water reservoirs for irrigation and power generation, and human settlements to support such activities. They do not live, feed or travel through plantations. Destruction of their habitat and their avoidance of human proximity have led to the drastic decrease of their population.”-Wikipedia

The Macaque’s Infamous tail which gave him its name.

After a huge effort the population of the Macaques is now a little better, but still with 4000 the number is not enough to get them out of the list of the endangered animals.

Macaque looks on..

The Human Folly and greed destroys other animal’s innocent homes and their lives, we need to think and take this effort as an example.

Macaque eating

I was fortunate enough to witness them in my walk around Delhi Zoo, check out for more posts coming in the next week.

As always Dream On!


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