The WHITE Tiger

A White Tiger showcasing its stretching skills at National Zoological Park, New Delhi Today. As we passed the white tiger compound on our visit today we saw him resting and sitting at the far end of the compound. The tiger was being lazy so we moved on to the reptile ‘lounge’ as we were leaving the place we saw crowd swarming in at the white tiger compound.

The tiger was moving around and he turned towards us and walked to a tree and started running towards us. The Tiger then put on a show to cheering crowd, it stood on his hind legs, huge tiger equal to twice my height, the sight was something to behold and admire and as the audience cheered and roared, he kept on standing on his hind legs. Not to forget he was getting his neck rubbed against the tree trunk and was feeling quite good.


The Tiger showcasing its skills

I had a great trip to the Zoo of my city today and will be posting the pics of my trip for a few weeks, follow and keep tuned for much better and awesome stuff from me. That is a promise.

As always…

Dream ON!!


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