Here lies Azam – e – Humayoo

Isa Khan Niazi- was a noble in the courts Of Sher Shah Suri. Sher Shah Suri was the leader of Sur empire and ran the Mughal Empire at the absence of Humayun-The Emperor.

Isa khan Niyazi was born in 1453 and his last brother was born in 1478. He died in Delhi in 1548 at the age of 95. The time of 1451 – 1525 was the golden period for these khans. It was the time when Lodhis completely dominated the subcontinent (Hindustan). Isa Khan Niazi was a prominent member among the ruling family. He was in the same tribal unit of nobles as Ibrahim Lodhi, Sher Shah Suri. Most of these families were attached with the Delhi sultanate.

Isa-Khan Tomb

Sher Shah Suri awarded Isa Khan Niyazi a title Azam – e – Hyumayoo and also made him governor of Multan in honor of great war of Haybat Khan.

Shot yesterday using 55mm lens-f/5.6–1/80sec–ISO-500–No Flash

At Isa Khan Tomb Complex

More pics on the way



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