Oops! Weekly Photo Challenge

four Years ago, i went to Agra,India with my family for a vacation. We went to Sikandra. Where Akbar the great’s Tomb is situated. The dusk was close by and we were hurrying to leave as we had a train to catch. The place was filled with birds like Peacock. But the great part was the Deers in the gardens.

One of the Deer had somehow climbed on the Platform of Mausoleum and was trying to get his way back home safely. And People were taking his photographs. I could see he was getting agitated but still people were not leaving him including me  (I am guilty, i was 14 ). He was getting edgy and he started getting angry at people and this happened.

Gets angry and attacks

Somehow i feel so bad now, but well i was fascinated by it then and had a new spark of photography in me, so i followed him and continued taking photographs, after a few minutes it happened, i guess i am not a good spy and i cannot be one. But my OOPS! moment happened.

OOPS! Deer turned

The Deer turned and stared straight at me and my camera. I was shocked for a moment. The stare was a warning, do not come closer, and i had to oblige.
I wonder why is it that humans have lost the ability to respect other animals. I have confessed that i am guilty too.


Anyways as always

Dream ON!


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