Tilt Shift-Shimla Toy House

Picture shot on Sony Cybershot Point to shoot camera

In Kufri nearĀ  Shimla on27th December 2013

Diorama Effect or miniature effect used in many movies and tv shows like Sherlock also called Tilt Shift

Kufri, Shimla

Post processed using Adobe Photoshop CS5.1


2 thoughts on “Tilt Shift-Shimla Toy House

    1. Hi @vsweta If you want to try this effect either you can use your camera lens and shift i while taking photograph which is very difficult or you can post process it like i have done it using Photoshop.
      The key is to take the photograph from an elevated angle and a deeper field of view. So that you could change the focus of foreground and make the background blurry. The colour are made more bright and vibrant and contrast is adjusted in such a way to give it more miniature like effect.
      If you want whole process you can google it. I have tried both ways and according to me Post Processing is better.


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