Happy New Year


Happy new Year In Advance guys, look these thirsty birds are also wishing you a happy new year. Try to improve yourself this year.




And as always Dream On!

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Here lies Azam – e – Humayoo

Isa Khan Niazi- was a noble in the courts Of Sher Shah Suri. Sher Shah Suri was the leader of Sur empire and ran the Mughal Empire at the absence of Humayun-The Emperor.

Isa khan Niyazi was born in 1453 and his last brother was born in 1478. He died in Delhi in 1548 at the age of 95. The time of 1451 – 1525 was the golden period for these khans. It was the time when Lodhis completely dominated the subcontinent (Hindustan). Isa Khan Niazi was a prominent member among the ruling family. He was in the same tribal unit of nobles as Ibrahim Lodhi, Sher Shah Suri. Most of these families were attached with the Delhi sultanate.

Isa-Khan Tomb

Sher Shah Suri awarded Isa Khan Niyazi a title Azam – e – Hyumayoo and also made him governor of Multan in honor of great war of Haybat Khan.

Shot yesterday using 55mm lens-f/5.6–1/80sec–ISO-500–No Flash

At Isa Khan Tomb Complex

More pics on the way


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A Bench-mark

This Photograph was taken exactly a month ago when i was out for the morning walk using my phone. I always go to this highest point of the park and sit at this lonely bench and look at the sun rising. It calms me down and has a serene blissful feeling.



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Faraway (CB&W)

Its amazing how huge the Himalayas is. You could see across the border to a different country from here.

Standing there in Kufri, India there were many things running in my mind. One of it was that how far human eye can see. And i was just imagining me taking an aeroplane and riding the winds to the snowcapped  faraway mountains.


My submission for Cee’ Black and White Photo challenge.


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Let it glow!

Our life is like the wick of the candle. It just needs a spark to ignite. Once it gets that, the flame grows and as the candle burns, the flame gets bigger and darker our life do that too. The biggest of fires can be ignited by the lightest of sparks.

So Let it Glow and Burn


I had this in my mind for a lot of days now and i did this shoot today.

Shot using Sony CyberShot point to shoot camera.

The gallery is going to be uploaded soon.

So Cheers and as always Dream ON!

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Oops! Weekly Photo Challenge

four Years ago, i went to Agra,India with my family for a vacation. We went to Sikandra. Where Akbar the great’s Tomb is situated. The dusk was close by and we were hurrying to leave as we had a train to catch. The place was filled with birds like Peacock. But the great part was the Deers in the gardens.

One of the Deer had somehow climbed on the Platform of Mausoleum and was trying to get his way back home safely. And People were taking his photographs. I could see he was getting agitated but still people were not leaving him including me  (I am guilty, i was 14 ). He was getting edgy and he started getting angry at people and this happened.

Gets angry and attacks

Somehow i feel so bad now, but well i was fascinated by it then and had a new spark of photography in me, so i followed him and continued taking photographs, after a few minutes it happened, i guess i am not a good spy and i cannot be one. But my OOPS! moment happened.

OOPS! Deer turned

The Deer turned and stared straight at me and my camera. I was shocked for a moment. The stare was a warning, do not come closer, and i had to oblige.
I wonder why is it that humans have lost the ability to respect other animals. I have confessed that i am guilty too.


Anyways as always

Dream ON!

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The CountdownBegins


Christmas lights seen Through a Bauble

7 Days to go.


Photograph taken from Apple’s Iphone 6 (not mine)

Some Facts:

Bright and beautiful Christmas baubles have long been a classic decoration at Christmastime. The earliest Christmas trees were decked in candy canes, candles and berries, sometimes with garland. Today, there are decorations in every colour scheme and style.The bauble is one of the most popular Christmas ornament designs, and they have been in production since 1847. Baubles can have various designs on them, from “baby’s first Christmas” to a favorite sports team to a simple shiny sphere of a single color.

Thanks heavens for WikiPedia 😀

Dream ON!

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